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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by AcidKat, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. AcidKat

    AcidKat New Member

    I have to install a forum on a clients website. Looks like Ill be using phpBB (unless anyone has a better free program to use).
    Anyhoo, here's my problem. while installing and configuring phpbb I ran into the following : "Required - In order to function correctly phpbb needs to be able to access or write to cirtian files or directories. If you see "not found" you need to create the relevant file or directory. If you see "unwritable" you need to change permissions on the file or directory to allow phpbb to use it." It says "cache/" , "files/" , "store/" are all found but unwritable.
    what the bloody heck do i do now? do i create these files in the users directory or what?
    Thax for your help guys
  2. shakey_1

    shakey_1 New Member

    Those directories are all a part of the phpBB3 file structure (I am assuming that you are using phpBB3 and not phpBB2). If you are in the phpBB3 directory, the following commands should take care of the permissions issues.

    chmod -R 757 cache/
    chmod -R 757 files/
    chmod -R 757 store/

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