PHP will not display anything without 0777 permission

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by sakthig, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. sakthig

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    I am using centos 5 in my system and i have configured the ispconfig with all the guidelines given in the howtoforge inspconfig installation Thread .

    Everything works fine except the php ,it will not load in server with out changing their permissions to 0777. The files having the permission of 0777 will perform the relevant functions whereas the others( the files having the permission other than 0777) doesn't display anything.

    Can any one help to figure out this error?
  2. adam0x54

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    install suPHP or fastcgi+suexec to avoid situations like that.

    I never used ispconfig but try that:
    For now, make sure the directory you are trying to browse is chowned to apache:
    Go to the directory you are trying to browse and:
    chown -R apache:apache .
    chmod -R 755 .

    To allow users to have permissions per virtual host setup suphp or fastcgi+suexec


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