PHP Warning: PHP Startup: apc.shm_size

Discussion in 'General' started by todx, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. todx

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    When I click on "Show ISPC Cron-log" under "Monitor" I have approximately 50 entries, all showing the following error:

    PHP Warning: PHP Startup: apc.shm_size now uses M/G suffixes, please update your ini files in Unknown on line 0
    Should I be worried?
    What can I do to remove this error?
    I assume I have to modify APC setting in php.ini, but what should I change?
  2. rosehosting

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    Looking at the output you provided it seems you have a typo in your apc configuration or you've updated to a newer php version where you need to append a suffix for the apc.shm_size value.

    For example:

    you have something like

    which needs to be changed to


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