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    I've got a problem with the FindItems reqest, described on the HOWTO-Page:

    In my PHP-File I would like to get all calendar appointments which aren't cancelled. But I couldn't figure out how to form a working restriction.

    I tried it this way:
    But it didn't work...

    Does anybody know how to form a restriction?

    (Sorry for the bad english)
    Thanks for the replies.
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    I believe that what you are trying to accomplish would be done with the following:
    However, when I do this I get the following Exception:
    The code above should create the proper XML according to the XSD, but it appears that PHP has trouble forming the XML due to the use of abstract types within the XSD. If anybody has a solution to this I would love to hear it.:D
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    Scan inbox


    I come to you because I have a small problem that is becoming urgent, for one of my projects at work.

    I'm stuck and it becomes very urgent, I seek the way to list all emails from my inbox from a primary Exchange server and read its contents and headers ,....

    I use the EWS class with a LDAP connection, I can send emails, in listing of Calendar event, to enter the Inbox (or so I think :)).

    Could you please help me,it's very urgent

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