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  1. elmacus

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    After upgrade to Debian Stretch, PHP7 has replaced PHP5, but PHP5 + PHP5-FPM is still installed and in use.
    I used this guide:
    But in ispconfig system/server config/web/PHP settings its still refering to PHP5.
    Do we need to change that manually ?
    Im trying to change /etc/php5/ to /etc/php/7.0/ (and in system/server config/FastCGI, FastCGI config syntax is still only Apache 2.2)
    To get PHP7-FPM to work, i have changed port from 9010 to 9009.
    PHP open_basedir still has path to: /usr/share/php5 and /usr/share/php, is that ok ?
    Are there any official tutorials for upgrade ?
    And there are some other sites, webmail https phpmyadmin etc, that still runs PHP5. Do i have to manually change in Apache2 vhost for thoose ?
  2. elmacus

    elmacus Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Ok changing default web services for phpmyadmin and Roundcube was simple:
    a2dismod php5
    a2enmod php7.0
    systemctl restart apache2
  3. till

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    Yes. an ISPConfig update does not alter these settings. Please change the paths that you find there to their new counterparts for PHP 7. Thes settings get applied when a new website gets created or when you change the PHP mode of a site, so you might have to edit the site where you want to switch PHP to php 7.
  4. elmacus

    elmacus Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    I guess i can now uninstall php5-fpm ? and instead use normal port 9010 ?
    Well, i might run apt purge php5* ?? Or does ISPconfig still use PHP5 ?
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  5. Croydon

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    ISPConfig (latest version) can run on PHP 7 (not 7.1 though). If your sites are all working on PHP 7 correctly and you altered the ispconfig.vhost file for apache to use the new PHP version you should first stop PHP5-fpm to check if something's gone dead. If all is still working then remove PHP5 if you don't need it anymore.
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