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    Hi everyone,

    together with a friend i'm planing to start a php project based on an open source social network engine (i will abbreviate it on this thread with SN) and have some questions on how to better manage the configuration of such development environment.

    First of all, i'm new to php but i have worked more than 3 years with Java/JEE and its related frameworks, so I have at least an idea of source code management and continuous integration for java projects.

    So to my questions:

    1. Does it make sense to integrate a versioning system like SVN in such a project, aware that we'll work only on some particular parts of the SN system, like templates and some php feature classes?
    2. If yes what is the best possible configuration to do this?
    3. Is it required to have on each developer machine a complete development environment (Apache Webserver+PHP+MySQL) ? Or would it be possible to work on one development server?
    4. How should in this way an "auto deployment" work?
    5. How should we manage the source code flow between svn repository, dev server and production server ?

    I will be very thankful, if someone could show me any prepared how-to's on this subject.

    Thank you in advance

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