PHP Open_basedir not updated if server configuration is changed

Discussion in 'General' started by SupuS, Apr 3, 2012.

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    PHP Open_basedir not updated if server configuration is changed [SOLVED]


    I am not able to change web site open_basedir directly in ISPConfig:

    1) create web site - it has default open_basedir settings
    2) I want to allow access to /xxx/yyy so I add :/xxx/yyy to system => server configuration => web => PHP open_basedir
    3) apache config file has old default open_basedir settings so I
    4) update web site and vhost config file is update but still contains old default open_basedir settings without :/xxx/yyy
    5) I checked ispconfig database and change php_open_basedir :/xxx/yyy value manually
    6) in vhost config file of web site is new open_basedir settings with :/xxx/yyy

    And now my question .. is this bug or feature? When it is feature how I can set new open_basedir for web sites created before server configuration update? When new web site is created it has new open_basedir setting.

    OS: Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS

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    Thats a feature. The open_basedir setting in system > Server configuration is the default setting for new sites, its not the current setting for existing sites. If we would update all sites when you change it then the sites that use a custom open_basedir would all get broken.

    To change the open_basedir, o to sites, click on the website and change the open_basedir setting which is on the options tab of the site.

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