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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by DirecTek, Oct 19, 2012.

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    Hey All,

    Hoping to gain some insight and resolution.

    I recently had a linux server setup and a Website designed. The Website is Wordpress and PHP.

    There is a contact form on it that allows our users to have emails sent directly to them from this form on the webpage.

    Problem is, no one is receiving the emails. They are not going to spam or junk.

    The Webdesign company is now asking that I create a new Email Address through GoDaddy and give them all of the information to use their SMTP.

    You probably already know, GoDaddy is limited to 250 outgoing emails. Not sure if I can purchase more.

    So, I am trying to figure out why using PHPMail, this is not working.

    Any help would be gladly appreciated.

    Below is the last communication from them:

    Team one has fixed the issue by which it was not showing the the email address on view source.

    They also have made a custom page with out Contant Form 7 (Wordpress Plugin)

    try both the forms and check with the rep are receiving the email. I think there has a mail delivery issue with their server. Because we tried with a simple Mail Class and their email is coming to SPAM with Google. You can try it by putting any email address on the below link[email protected]

    I think they need to solve the mail delivery issue. If they can't (it's a high level one), then the quickest workaround is, they need to give us an Email Account (from their mail provider), I think it's Godaddy and we can use SMTP mail sending using their one of Email Address. But remember that particular Email Accounts needs to have enough limit on the SMTP Mail Sending, as I remember Godaddy has restriction of 250 Email per day for SMTP Sending. They can increase the limit by calling Godaddy later.
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    Can you post your mail log?

    What distribution are you using?


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