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    I have a problem with php session on my site that is structured like this:

    http root = /var/www/
    https root = /var/www/

    I'm using name based virtrualhosts on apache2 (Fedora x86_64).

    I'm doing a test with two simple files:
    file1.php in http root

     $_SESSION['test'] = 'test'; 
    and file2.php in https root

    I'm not sure if I did everything right (I never used the sessions with php)
    but the output of file 2 (in ssl root) is always 'Array()' which means that does not get the session variables (right?).

    I also tried to set session variable via 'GET method' in a link but nothing to do.
    I will post configurations if needed. Hope u can help me ... :) Thanks

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