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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by xciso, Feb 26, 2008.

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    Hi there, would'nt this imply that "" was my registered domain
    I thought the site names we created in IspConfig where subdomains


    where "" is loacted under "/var/www/"
    and the httpd.conf DocumentRoot is set to /var/www/ .
    (info: above listed directory structure as basd on Fedora Core 5 Distro )

    as in my case i am just running locally on my test machine so I dont have any DNS or real domain set up as yet.

    mybe you are on to something though and I need to change my configuration as you would obviously know better as to how it should work

    but when I try to launch html ussing


    it works fine and php launches fine when php is set up global but the per site setup still does not work,

    the good thing about php not working is that I am learning allot about the ins and outs of IspConfig : )

    but any assistance is most welcome.
  2. mike_phi

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    You are probably right about using
    in my url of my browser as this would match the site my php is setup for within IspConfig.

    IspConfig probably checks the http header i.e. url against the configured site name.
    this explains in theory why I dont have php workin on a per site basis, there is obviously a mismatch.

    however I am running on a test machine no real domain set up yet and to run locally on my machine with my current httpd.conf setup I have to enter

    http://<localhost>/ for pointing out both my php and html files
    but as you said this is wrong and I think you are right.

    so my question then inorder for me to test locally on my machine I need to configure my
    httpd.conf so that I can type in a url the matches my Ispconfig configured sitename

    eg --------should point to ------->/var/www/ both for html and php

    any httpd.conf guru's out there who can help me set up my apache to simulate this situation and remember I am connected to the web so I am just bafaled as to how we do this and mask out any real existing domains on www.

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