php appears to be broken

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    updated php appears to be broken

    I have a debian sarge installation. I followed the how to on debian sarge and also the how to php4 as cgi with php5. Here is my problem (I have not yet installed ISPconfig) When I access info.php4 that works fine. When I try to access info.php my output is <?php phpinfo() ?> in my browswer. The only thing I did different from the tutorial was to install a bunch of extra php5 modules such as php5-mssql and many more. I was careful not to install php5-cgi but did install php5-cli. Could someone please help me get this php5 to work. I don't know where to look next. Thank you in advance for you advice and assistance.

    okay an update. I did a fresh install of everything. I installed php4.4 as I need mssql support. Now when I try to access info.php it works with my ip address but not my domain name. What would be required to make this work? Thank you again
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    Please post your Apache configuration.

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