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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by TonySkate, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. TonySkate

    TonySkate New Member

    Hello, I installed this docker:
    after installation I used this command to install php 7.2.5: /usr/bin/installphp 7.2.5
    installation shows me this info:
    Build complete.
    Don't forget to run 'make test'.

    Installing shared extensions: /opt/php-7.2.5/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20170718/
    Installing PHP CLI binary: /opt/php-7.2.5/bin/
    Installing PHP CLI man page: /opt/php-7.2.5/php/man/man1/
    Installing PHP FPM binary: /opt/php-7.2.5/sbin/
    Installing PHP FPM defconfig: skipping
    Installing PHP FPM man page: /opt/php-7.2.5/php/man/man8/
    Installing PHP FPM status page: /opt/php-7.2.5/php/php/fpm/
    Installing phpdbg binary: /opt/php-7.2.5/bin/
    Installing phpdbg man page: /opt/php-7.2.5/php/man/man1/
    Installing PHP CGI binary: /opt/php-7.2.5/bin/
    Installing PHP CGI man page: /opt/php-7.2.5/php/man/man1/
    Installing build environment: /opt/php-7.2.5/lib/php/build/
    Installing header files: /opt/php-7.2.5/include/php/
    Installing helper programs: /opt/php-7.2.5/bin/
    program: phpize
    program: php-config
    Installing man pages: /opt/php-7.2.5/php/man/man1/
    page: phpize.1
    page: php-config.1
    Installing PEAR environment: /opt/php-7.2.5/lib/php/
    [PEAR] Archive_Tar - already installed: 1.4.3
    [PEAR] Console_Getopt - already installed: 1.4.1
    [PEAR] Structures_Graph- already installed: 1.1.1
    [PEAR] XML_Util - already installed: 1.4.2
    [PEAR] PEAR - already installed: 1.10.5
    Wrote PEAR system config file at: /opt/php-7.2.5/etc/pear.conf
    You may want to add: /opt/php-7.2.5/lib/php to your php.ini include_path
    /usr/local/src/php7-build/php-7.2.5/build/shtool install -c ext/phar/phar.phar /opt/php-7.2.5/bin
    ln -s -f phar.phar /opt/php-7.2.5/bin/phar
    Installing PDO headers: /opt/php-7.2.5/include/php/ext/pdo/
    Starting php-fpm done
    BUT what are the correst paths for PFM and CGI in isp config?
    I try but still not working. Please could you point me? Thank you.
  2. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Does that method replace the PHP version provided by the OS? Namely, ISPConfig supports only the PHP version that comes as default with the OS. Other PHP versions break ISPConfig.
    Additional PHP versions can be installed and ISPConfig configured to use them per website, but the PHP version ISPConfig itself uses can not be changed.
  3. TonySkate

    TonySkate New Member

    YES of course. I mean additional PHP Versions config. No, this isntallation install php 7.2.5 separated. Check info on docker web page - on the start of my first post.
  4. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell ISPConfig Developer Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    See for the paths to use. As you will need to build/install php version updates in the future, I'd recommend you setup some symlinks for eg. /opt/php-7.2 -> /opt/php/7.2.5, then point all the paths to those, so eg. instead of using the specific /opt/php-7.2.5/lib/ directory use /opt/php-7.2/lib/ .. that way you wont have to create a new additional php version for each update, and change websites to using it.

    An even easier approach is to install your php binaries from package repositories, but maintaining a few major-version symlinks shouldn't be too bad.
  5. TonySkate

    TonySkate New Member

    Thank but I tried those without success... I just need to run it now. SAP. Thanks

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