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  1. nmazza

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    I have move my CentOS servers to Debian 9 server over ISPConfig 3.1.11
    After install, I continued with ..
    And in Php 5.6 version,
    ./configure --prefix=/opt/php-5.6 --with-pdo-pgsql --with-zlib-dir --with-freetype-dir --enable-mbstring --with-libxml-dir=/usr --enable-soap --enable-calendar --with-curl --with-mcrypt --with-zlib --with-pgsql --disable-rpath --enable-inline-optimization --with-bz2 --with-zlib --enable-sockets --enable-sysvsem --enable-sysvshm --enable-pcntl --enable-mbregex --enable-exif --enable-bcmath --with-mhash --enable-zip --with-pcre-regex --with-pdo-mysql --with-mysqli --with-mysql-sock=/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock --with-jpeg-dir=/usr --with-png-dir=/usr --enable-gd-native-ttf --with-openssl=/opt/openssl --with-fpm-user=www-data --with-fpm-group=www-data --with-libdir=/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu --enable-ftp --with-kerberos --with-gettext --with-xmlrpc --with-xsl --enable-opcache --enable-fpm

    configure command, says ERROR and STOP.
    checking for pkg-config... /usr/bin/pkg-configconfigure: error: Cannot find OpenSSL's libraries
    [email protected]:/usr/local/src/php5.6-build/php-5.6.33#

    I need Php 5.6 too, what's wrong, ?
    I followed the tutorial step by step and Php 7.1 and Php 7.2 are working fine.
    Nestor Mazza
  2. Taleman

    Taleman Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    My guess is this part of the guide is not done correctly:

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