PHP 5.6.30 php.ini appears to be not used?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by SparkyRih, Apr 16, 2020.

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    So I'm having this issue where I want to upgrade a PrestaShop webshop to My ISPConfig is running PHP-FPM7.2, and the PrestaShop installation is running on PHP 5.6.30. According to to the compatibility list of PrestaShop, I should be able to make an upgrade just on PHP 5.6 since the latest version still supports this PHP version.

    However I get this error during the upgrade process: "classes/PhpEncryption.php line 116 - Call to undefined function openssl_get_cipher_methods()"

    Now in order to resolve this, one of the solutions would be to update my php.ini, however, when I do a phpinfo() I see my PHP 5.6.30 php.ini is here: /opt/php-5.6.30/lib/php.ini

    But when I change the file, nothing happens, even when I rename the php.ini and reboot the entire server (that should kill my PHP 5.6.30 websites right?) nothing happens, everything keeps working.

    So what's going on here?
    I've used one of the "Perfect server with ISPConfig and Apache for Ubuntu 18.04" to build my server.

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