PHP 5.2.9 Needed ASAP

Discussion in 'General' started by z33k3r, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. z33k3r

    z33k3r New Member

    To whom's ears this needs to fall on, we need ISPC 2.2.30 out with PHP 5.2.9 integrated. There are over 50 fixes including JSON fixes, security updates and strtotime() function's memory leak fixed (which is what prompted this post)!

    Best wishes to the Dev team :) Great work so far!
  2. z33k3r

    z33k3r New Member

    Just realized that PHP is not managed by ISPC. ISPC only recompiles and distributes an internal version for the ISPC control panel system. Sad. :( Off to the Console!

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