PHP 5.2.17 + FastCGI under ISPConfig 3?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by gkovacs, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. gkovacs

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    I am trying to install PHP 5.2.17 for a site on a Debian 7 + ISPConfig 3 server as an additional PHP version.

    The problem is that the server is already using Apache MPM Worker and PHP-FPM with PHP 5.4.4, so mod_php is out of the question. Unfortunately CGI is also out of the question, as this particular site has huge traffic.

    Question 1
    If I understand correctly PHP-FPM for PHP 5.2 uses a different XML-based config file, so it is not compatible with ISPConfig?

    Question 2
    Is it possible to install PHP 5.2 on this server under FastCGI and stay compatible with ISPConfig running PHP-FPM for different sites?

    Does anyone know of a howto or tutorial or should I use this (written for PHP 5.3 unfortunately):
  2. till

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    q1) Yes.
    q2) yes. php-fpm and php-fcgi are indepandant.

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