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    i can't allow others users to use 777 permission commands .
    chmod 777 fdisk
    su normaluser
    fdisk:you must be root to do that
    but i think that i don't have to use suders file while I've already changed the command permission to allow the others to use it.
    but i can use ls command although it has less permission 755

    i thought that changing the permission of any executable to rwx for the others will allow any one to execute that executable .
    is it something related to SElinux .

    also what is the interpretation of r for the executable ?
    what if the permission of the executable was only --x--x--x ,will that make a difference ?
  2. falko

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    Some applications (like fdisk) check internally if they are run by the right user, so although the permissions are 777, they can be run by only one user.

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