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Discussion in 'General' started by rodti, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. rodti

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    I've got a pair of servers running in an ISPConfig3 master/slave configuration, with /var/www synchronised between the two using Unison (as per the tutorial). This all works fine.

    As an extra backup source I'm trying to use a NAS in my house to downlod /var/www via rsync. I have very little control over rsync at the NAS end as it's configured through a wizard.

    Having got it up and running the NAS connects, auths properly, and does an incremental backup of /var/www. The problem is that it recursively backs up as far as client level (/var/www/clients/client??/) but only backs up the symlink in that folder and not the 'web??' folders in there.

    I'm guessing this is a permissions issue.

    Rsyncd on the server is running with uid and gid 'root' and looking for the daemon using lsof shows it as root. Surely root should have all the necessary permissions to view these folders? I can certainly cd into them when logged in as root over SSH.

    Any ideas very much appreciated!
  2. till

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    Maybe its a limitation in the folder hierarchy depth?
  3. rodti

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    Pretty sure it's permissions because everything above that (and including the symlink in that folder) is owned by root. The 'web??' folder(s) at that level are the first items owned by 'client??:client??'.
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