Permission Error - FTP and SFTP Users - ISPConfig 3.1.6

Discussion in 'General' started by Kadu, Sep 8, 2017.

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    firstly, i am running an instance on Google Cloud Compute...not sure if that will make any differences to your install or not (is your system a dedicated machine or a virtual one? If virtual, is it using WAMP/MAMP or a webhost VPS?)

    second, I open the google cloud firewall ports that are necessary for running web, email, ftp, ssh, ispconfig etc.

    Third, after running a standard debian/ubuntu install script from Google Cloud interface, I then setup my hosts file and hostname as outlined at the very start of the perfect server tutorial. I dont go through the entire tutorial (as this is where things go pearshaped for me), once hostname and hosts file is configured, i then run the ispconfig automated installer for whichever operating system i have installed (in my case im using Debian 8) i run this installer

    It seems to work for me...i end up much closer to a functioning system than going through the entire process manually with perfect server setup tutorials etc. I have had so many problems learning all of this that i cant remember what little tweaks were necessary, but im pretty sure it was mainly only using standard ftp with adobe muse i had any trouble with. For using filezilla ftp client generally i think standard ftp, sftp were no problems
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    1) The perfect server tutorials are absolutely fine. The auto installer that @adamjedgar referred to is simply a script that does exactly the same than the auto installer. So if you followed the perfect server tutorial, then you have already the correct setup. So do not reinstall your ssyetm, there is no need for that.

    2) Your problem with editing files seems to be that you uploaded files as root user into the website and these files can't be changed by the web user of course. Do not upload files as root, upload them as web user. To fix your current problem, run this command:

    chown -R web1:client0 /var/www/clients/client0/web1/web/
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    I think this is where one needs to remember that ispconfig control panel, and client websites are administered separately by different users with very different roles and permissions. Once i realised this with the help of some great forum experts, i was able to solve my web directory permissions errors, ie creating and deleting, in that directory quickly.
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