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  1. sigma

    sigma New Member

    A few Days ago we switched one Domain to a ISPConfig System with about 500 Email addresses. After switching the DNS we had a really performance problem on this machine.

    I'm sure that the problem comes from our special Install on a virtual machine. All Disk writes in the VM are block writes on the Host. For redundance we use a DRBD drive (there are 2 Hosts, and all Data Dirs are mirrored with DRDB to the other machine).

    Normaly we had no problem. Until now we used a own ISP software config. The old system has no performance problem in this environnement. But our software isn't good enough for future and that was the reason to change to ISPConfig.

    The problems caused only by CLAMAV and Spamassassin. If I had a possibility to write temp files to a ram drive or a drive outside the DRDB drive, I think the performance will increase. But I cant find the matched configurqation files in the ISPConfig environnement where to change that.

    I also have some troubles with iptables. I have a customized iptables and plan to use it for the system. But after a few minutes/hours (?) anything changed it to a default iptables. I think Bastille-Firewall does this, but I can't also find where this default iptables is. If I find it, I can also replace it with my own.

    Maybe some stupid questions for Linux enthusiasts, but I'm new in this business, and now I learning by doing. Our old system was configured by a fried who has no longer time to do that ....

    Thanks for any hints

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The configuration for clamav and spamassassin is in /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/tools

    But the main problem might be that ISPConfig runs spamassassin not trough spamd. You can try to patch this, If i remember correctly there are some threads in the forum about that.

    You can deactivate the ISPConfig firewall and setup your own firewall rules manually.
  3. sigma

    sigma New Member

    Hi Till,

    Thank you for your answer. I'm looking about the threads in the forum talking about spamd. This could be one problem I have here.

    I heard from other sides that there might be also a performance problem outside ISPConfig. The combination I installed (vmware server on a host with drdb drive and Fedora Core 6) might have also performance problems. So I try now to install a FC5 system and do some speedtests first. If they are better, I install ISPConfig on this system and also try to solve the problem with spamd.

    I think this system must be able to handle a few hundred email addresses without problems. So I was surprised about the delay and load I have in the VM and also on the host. it was permanent over loaded.

    Thanks again for your hints.

  4. cryptic

    cryptic Member

    What are the specs of the box that you are running vmware on? 500 email accounts sounds like a lot of i/o for vmware to handle ;|

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