perfect Xen/Debian setup problem: No DMA support in xen 3.0.1

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    When I compile my kernel for Dom0 and DomU using the howto guide, everything works fine, except I am lacking kernel support for my VIA IDE controller to enable DMA. This makes the image creation process pretty long (2-3 hours for a 5 gb image). If I go back to the make menuconfig step and try to add support for my chipset, the make step always returns the error:
    I know that the guide is tailored to xen 3.0.1, but I'm wondering if using the 3.0.2 source might fix this issue, or if anyone else has found a workaround for this type of issue? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I swear, I will bang my head against something, but as soon as I am convinced that I can't figure it out on my own and feel I have to post, I get a flash and figure out what I did wrong.:rolleyes: I will leave this in case someone else makes the same mistake, unless the forum moderators feel it's wasted space.

    IDE drivers were not the problem whatsoever. What was causing the problem was adding in extra APM & ACPI modules. I had forgotten that I looked at those modules and thought they would be a good idea. After going back, just selecting the IDE controller drivers, and then redoing the dom0 and domU kernel setup from the inital make world point in the howto, while making sure I cleaned up previous makes, worked like a charm.
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    A solution for a problem is never wasted space. :)

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