Perfect small business server ubuntu 7.04?

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by DrJohn, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. DrJohn

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    Hi Falko,

    I want to set up Ubuntu 7.04 server as the "Perfect Small Business" server. I could use 6.10 or 6.04lts, but I'd rather start with the latest build and go on from there.

    I can't find a 7.04 update to the 6.10 version of the HowTo. Can you comment on configuring 7.04 in this way, or when might such an update appear?


  2. falko

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  3. DrJohn

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  4. thanis

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    There is no update yet, but as far as "Small Business" goes, I would no longer suggest the packages that were in the 6.10 Ubuntu howto.

    In your case, I would go something like:

    1. Ubuntu 7.04 or Debian Etch
    2. Bind9
    3. Zimbra OpenSource for mail/webmail/collaboration server
    4. Shorewall for Firewall
    5. PopTop PPTP VPN Server
    6. Samba as DomainController/FileServer

    And I suggest using this order as well, otherwise you will run into problems with the Zimbra installation (as it is configured to run as a single app on a server). If you have mem/cpu to spare, I would suggest the as the above, but running Xen and installing the Zimbra Server in a separate VM.

    Kind regards,

    PS: If there is enough interest in this setup, I will gladly create a howto !
  5. DrJohn

    DrJohn Member

    Thanis has some good ideas; I especially find Zimbra interesting. But in this case I want to keep it simple. There are only a few users behind the firewall; I'm only trying to move the email / NAT / firewall / FileServer / VPN / Webwerver functions off my WinXP box onto another box that would better serve for these functions and better distribute the load as well as front the web exposure.

    The problem I'm having is the general lack of straightforward guidance on just how to do this in a Linux system. I'm quite comfortable installing Win 2K3 server with the above, but my objective here is to move towards open-sourced systems. I installed a dual-boot Ubuntu 7.04 client without a hitch and like it a lot. But I tried building up an Unbuntu 7.04 server system with the above basics, only to reach impasses in Shorewall and Courier / PostFix / sasld (but not Apache2 or Samba...) while trying to navigate the myriad of suggested configurations and tweaks from the multiple and contradictory sources of reccomendations that can be found. The onsite Ubuntu server docoumentation is incredibly light (IMHO) on exactly how to do these basic things. Perhaps there's a built-in asusmption that if you're deploying Linux server software you must be operating at the Linux guru level?

    So, then, if there's no HowTo for Fiesty to do these things, any opinions on why not to use an earlier release (ex: Ubuntu 6.10) for which there is, presumably, some effective documentation? Difficult upgrade path later on? Compatibility with external component upgrades? Other?


  6. osuarez

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    Hi Thanis!!

    It would be great if you create a How To!!!! Please, do it!

    thanks in advance!


  7. Dijital

    Dijital New Member

    I would just like to say that I second this idea as I am really excited to get zimbra running on ubuntu as I tried it before and could not get it so I am hoping a more up-to date guide may be able to help me with this, greatly appreciated.
  8. falko

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  9. Dijital

    Dijital New Member

    Thanks for sharing that however I've used it before and I would always get errors that it could not resolve the name so I was hoping one that was more upto date would help. However I may have been using the wrong version of zimbra as well. I will give it another try with that how though, will report back on the status.
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  10. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Did you create a DNS record for it?
  11. Dijital

    Dijital New Member

    Yes, I was able to ping the ip address internally and it would resolved to which it was supposed to do.

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