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    For test server I am using intell duo core with 2 gigs of ram and 500 gig hard drive
    a friend of mine gave me a dell poweredge t110 and i'm tring to get some parts for it so that I could use this as the actual production server.
    I have a few fdqn's 1 that is an actual .com and the rest are .tk courtesy of dot tk

    The exact setup should be something like
    Centos 6.3 or ubuntu 12.04
    zpanel x
    crtmp is for live video feeds, live streaming, radio broadcast, e.t.c.
    twht The webhosting tool is for Hosting packages, sign up and automatic website creation.
    php uploads need to be set to 200m because most of my clients will be uploading video and audio
    I would also like to make 1 custom layout that would be for all who sign up

    I have links to all updated files.

    Will you help me if you can?

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