Perfect setup x68_64[ispconfig 3] issue

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  1. Fubar

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    I'm having issues on receiving emails on a fresh setup. I've run a Postfix/Dovcot setup for my personal email for years but my work recently had to leave a windows box up so I put my hand up and offered to setup a linux solution and get rid of windows. I'm a developer(php/.NET) here so this isn't 100% my fortay.

    I ran through your great guide 2 or 3 times to iron out the bits I wasn't to sure on and I'm quite confident I set it up correctly bar one step at the start (I added$releasever/testing/$basearch/ repo in order to update php to 5.2.10)

    The issues that I'm gettinng I'm assuming are all related:
    - UBE messages returned to a majority of emails trying to be sent to any of the 6 domains being hosted on the box
    - the root ([email protected]) user on the box is getting a great deal of emails though I have not set this address anywhere (200 or so a day)
    - Users are peridiodicly getting UBE messages related to sending email to themselves though they have never actually done this IE
    (A message from <[email protected]>
    to: [email protected])

    Other than this it seems ot be running perfecly.

    I have never dealt with SPF records before so that could be an issue (I'm a MCSE and would like to think I understand DNS) but would love any help anyone can shed there.

    I don't really know where to go next. I've played around with the settings in amavisd to PASS a lot of the email it would originally discarded or returned but to no avail. I've read up on SPF records and double /treble checked the mx records (plus tested with third party apps).
    I can't see a pattern appearing with the emails that are not being recieved. I will send a email a few times from my own account and it will com up as BCE then send one an hour later after not changing anything and it will come through fine

    I was converted from windows a long time ago and really don't want this to fail and give the M$ techies here a bad impression of it just becasue of a terrible experience with it now.

    Thanks in advance, any responce will be a help (I feel like I have wasted my time for 2 days now)

    I've not added any logs there but only as I'm not sure what you'll ask for.
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  2. till

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    Check /etc/aliases file, centos contains a lot of default aliases there. Remove all aliases that you dont need and run the newaliases command afterwards.
  3. Fubar

    Fubar New Member

    All of the emails in root are error emails not emails being sent in and arriving there though catch all or such.

    They are all either UBE messages


    This is the mail system at host

    I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
    be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

    For further assistance, please send mail to <postmaster>

    If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
    delete your own text from the attached returned message.

    The mail system

    <[email protected]>: mail for loops back to myself
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Please add to the mydestination line in /etc/postfix/ and restart Postfix.
  5. Fubar

    Fubar New Member

    Thanks, I've added that.
    I'll see how it goes.
  6. Fubar

    Fubar New Member

    THis doesn't appear to of helped change anything.
    Come in Monday morning to a few disgruntled employees.

    I have tried to bypass a lot of amavis checks in the conf file but is there any easy way to skip the check completely temperarily to find out if that is the problem at all?
  7. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    If you want to disable amavis completely, commevt out the content_filter line in postfix and restart amavisd.
  8. Fubar

    Fubar New Member

    Would amavis be the culprit service for blocking emails due to UBE?
  9. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Can you post your Do you use any blacklists in it?

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