Perfect Setup U6.06 can't get mail to work

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by amazilia, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. amazilia

    amazilia New Member


    I installed a ubuntu server 6.06 (so no gui)

    I followed the how-to Perfect Setup for 6.06

    I added mailutils to be able to test the mail server
    I added Maildir/ to the user account
    I added to /etc/postfix/
    mynetworks =,
    to be able to connect to the server from my PC

    restarted everything

    I can connect to the account

    1. when I send a mail to myself from the pc (smtp and imap server set to server IP address) I cannot accept permanently the connection only temporarily

    2. I don't get any mail back. but when I send the mail to an address hosted by an external host provider, I get the mail

    thanks for your help

  2. amazilia

    amazilia New Member

    It seems that it did not like the fact I used .net I replaced it by .lan and I get the mails

    but they arrive in /var/mail/user

    what do I have to do to use /var/mail/user instead of /home/user/Maildir

    thanks in advance

  3. tycho

    tycho New Member

    It looks to me as if you don't really want the /var/mail/user to work.
    The way I read the how-to leads to the conclusion that you should use courier and because of this use Maildir structures.
    Now if you make up your mind, maybe some of us can help you out.
  4. amazilia

    amazilia New Member


    I think I made up my mind...

    that's why I said "what do I have to do to use /var/mail/user instead of /home/user/Maildir"
  5. tycho

    tycho New Member

    OK, just use UW imapd instead of courier.

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