Perfect Setup Of Snort + Base + PostgreSQL On Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

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    I've successfully used the directions, in part, to get snort running with postgresql.

    In moving towards the base install I've discovered a curious problem that maybe someone can help with.

    After following directions up to the point where you have modified the base_conf.php and you're browsing to the http://localhost/base/base_main.php I get the following error.

    Warning: pg_connect(): Cannot create new link. Too many open links (0) in /usr/share/php/adodb/drivers/ on line 678

    Error connecting to DB : [email protected]

    Check the DB connection variables in base_conf.php

    = $alert_dbname : MySQL database name where the alerts are stored
    = $alert_host : host where the database is stored
    = $alert_port : port where the database is stored
    = $alert_user : username into the database
    = $alert_password : password for the username

    Database ERROR:Database connection failed

    Clearly I've got this file modified correctly, I've double and triple checked it, but I realize I'm missing something. However it looks like it could be deeper than the base_conf.php file itself.

    I used default installs for all the required apps --

    Thanks for your time,

  2. smight

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    Got It Working

    It appears as if rambling to oneself is the most successful way of getting what you want.

    I upgraded to PHP5 and the problem I started this thread about mysteriously went away.

    Apparently "Anne" prefers PHP5 --



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