Perfect Server Ubuntu 8.10 vs. 8.04 LTS

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    I started learning Linux on Ubuntu. As a result, I tend to be a bit biased towards using Ubuntu yet. However, I have built some test machines using the Debian Lenny Perfect Server and ISPConfig3 tutorial.

    I see that a tutorial has been added based on Ubuntu 8.10. I also saw on the ISPConfig website that there is a text file with instructions for installing the packages and ISPConfig3 on Ubuntu 8.04.

    However, it appears that the text file for Ubuntu 8.04 is a bit outdated based on the versions of some of the packages listed.

    Are there plans to prepare a How To for a Perfect Server and ISPConfig3 setup on Ubuntu 8.04? If not, I did a comparison of the the two installations instructions (8.04 txt document and 8.10 How To tutorial) and there are some significant differences.

    The largest appears to be configuring saslauthd on Ubuntu 8.04. Are they are traps I should look out for if I were to use the 8.10 tutorial on an 8.04 system?

    Otherwise, is there a strong argument to remove my bias towards Ubuntu and used Debian Lenny instead?

  2. till

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    No, there will not be a perfect setuo guide for 8.04 anymore as 9.04 is released this month. Also 8.04 has not been tested with the final of ispconfig 3 and the 8.04 instructions in the text file might be incorrect as they are for pre releases of ispconfig.

    I recommend that you use Debian lenny instead.

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