Perfect Server Ubuntu 8.04 page 4 bind problem?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by navop, May 13, 2008.

  1. navop

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    Following the steps in The perfect server ubuntu8.04 lts

    I'm trying to restart bind9, and at the end of the line it says [fail]

    I noticed that when installing bind9 that it reloaded AppArmor, whinc in step 10 on page 3 it says to disable it which I did

    Why is it that when installing Bind9 it reloads it?

    Also included the error that is found in /var/log/syslog

  2. till

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    Please try to disable apparmor again and then start bind. Maybe you did not fully disable app armor the first time.
  3. PatrickDickey

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    I'm having this same issue. As for disabling AppArmor, I copied and pasted the lines from the tutorial. I tried to look at the OP's pastebin, but it's expired. So, here are the messages I get when I try to start bind.

    I've since removed AppArmor, and installed the GnomeBindAdmin program. If I try to point it to my /var/lib/named directory, it comes up with the errors above (or /etc/named.conf in place of /etc/bind/named.conf). If I try it with the /var/named directory that it's asking for, I have to reenter all of my information (which is ok, as long as it works).

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Have a great day:)
  4. PatrickDickey

    PatrickDickey New Member

    Also to be noted, I uninstalled Bind, removed the symlinks, and removed all of the files from the directories that were created. Then, I completely removed AppArmor. I went back through the tutorial, and reinstalled Bind and followed the tutorial.

    I noticed that there were a few parts that I messed up (in /etc/hosts mainly), and did them right this time. Now, when I restart bind9, I get an error when it shuts down (suggesting that I'm using an older form of the command, the computer I'm on (which is the server itself) is not authorized, or my clocks aren't in synch). But, the bind9 start portion gives me [ok].

    From my Windows Vista computer, if I do a nslookup of any computer in my local domain (dcky-ubuntu.dickey.local.lan for example) it comes back with non-existant domain. However, if I do a search for say, it comes back with an IP address.

    I can post my config files and my conf.local along with zone files, if needed. One thing to note is, where in the tutorial, he created a reverse-zone file with his public IP, I created it with my NAT (Private) IP, since I'm not running an e-mail server. In other words, where he's got a file that's called, mine is

    Thanks for any help with this. I've also created a post in the HOW-TO Questions forum, because I didn't find this post until later on.

    Have a great day:)
  5. PatrickDickey

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