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    I have installed my Ubuntu 12.04 web server following the guide available on how to forge.
    Then, I have created one client in ISPConfig. Using this client, I have a domain ( and a mailbox ([email protected]) in the e-mail configuration of ISPConfig.

    I do not use any DNS system on my server (though Bind has been installed by the procedure) and I have setup my registrar's DNS (OVH) for the domain as follow :
    Code:      NS      Their main server name      NS      Their secondary server name      MX 1      MX 100      A       MY_SERVER_IP   A       MY_SERVER_IP  CNAME  CNAME
    I can see the mailbox using the webmail, but :

    – I can't use it to send mails (composing a new mail and hitting send doesn't do anything)
    – When I send mails to [email protected], the webmail doesn't report anything in the inbox.

    When I try to setup the mailbox (IMAP) using a client (Apple mail) I can go through the IMAP setup (apparently, mail is able to contact the server and log in) but I can't setup the SMTP on or on or on The request times out.

    **What's wrong with my setup ?**

    Here are the latest mail logs

    I have replaced my domain by and the IP address from my router at home by MY_HOME_IPV4_ADDRESS. That's probably either attempts from Apple mail to check smtp and imap for the mailbox I tried to configure, or to send an e-mail towards [email protected].

    Remark: Of course, my server is configured with the real domain name, not with
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