Perfect Server Ubuntu 10.04 webmail issue

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    First off I have a semi newbie level of linux knowledge, and google tends to be my freind...

    I have been playing with a few distro's on my main server after getting a backup server running to handle the email for 2 domains..

    One thing I wasn't able to fix is on my backup server... when I went through the Perfect Server Ubuntu 10.04 (w/squirrelmail) the webmail was
    that wasn't an issue as it is for temporary measures for a couple days..

    Now that my main server is up and running with a mix of Perfect Server Debian Squeeze (fail2ban plugin's) / Expanding Perfect Server Debian Squeeze (roundcube) / Ubuntu Perfect Server 10.04 for the rest... When I went through Perfect Squeeze it was just
    However with just Ubuntu Perfect is was :8080/webmail and now with this mix it is :8080/webmail

    What I would like is just /webmail so I wouldn't have to port forward :8080 for outside access... the other domain's owner does use webmail a lot due to traveling w/o laptop..

    2 years ago I went through the Perfect Server Ubuntu at that time.. and it has hosted that domain just fine with /webmail...

    Searched all over this forum, google, webmail, roundcube, squirrelmail sites, I guess I am not searching for the right keywords.

    Any conf's, log's you need me to post or commands to run just let me know.. I will be monitoring this post for many hours to come while migrating the guys website from one CMS to another... fun fun....

    All the stuff needing install via the wget and all that, like jailkit and ispconfig was done using the most recent version numbers from those respective sites. Anything that is a package install was done copy and paste style. (Ubuntu needs to update the ClamAV engine package!)
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