Perfect Server Tutorial - 6 Configure The Network

Discussion in 'General' started by adamjedgar, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. adamjedgar

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    I am unable to get this part of the tutorial to work with Google Cloud Compute.

    I suspect that the reason is ...

    Till, you said you had tested the perfect server setup on Google Cloud Compute and it worked no problem for you. Did you test this part? If so, how did you get it to work exactly?

    If i alter that file in question according to you tutorial, and then attempt to save it, my command prompt simply hangs for so long i give up and manually close and reopen it.

    I ask the above because, on google cloud compute trial, one cannot assign more than a single static ip address (this is inclusive of both external and can assign one only, either 1 external or 1 internal).

    As a workaround, should i do away with my static external ip address? Which is more important for the purposes of running a webserver with ftp access and outgoing mail?
  2. till

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  3. adamjedgar

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    ah i see. a further question...does this mean that one does not worry about assigning a static external or internal ip address?
    I note that in the tutorials, you guys assign what appears to be a static internal ip address (ie 192.168...etc). Do i substitute my cloud server external or internal ip address for this? i have been using my external one eg

    The reason i ask about this is because i wish to ensure that some of my problems are not because of my using the google cloud static external ip address in hosts file.

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