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  1. briand0713

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    heres the link to the main page:
    and the link to the page I'm having difficulties with:

    Ok so my problem has been, I've never been able to actually complete this step. When switching to Static IP, I end up losing network access.

    My router is a D-Link DIR-655 currently set to DHCP and I believe that my IP is static because it hasn't changed for atleast two weeks even with power outages and such. Can I still perform this step in the server setup with DHCP enabled on the router or would I have to staticly assign the IPs to all my devices on the network? (something I've never done before but have researched)

    Ok in Yast it asks me to setup an IP address. In the demo it shows My question is: For that field am I setting the IP assigned for the router or my actual IP assigned from the ISP?

    For Subnet Mask I always set but after I saved settings and go back, the fielded is replaced with /24 I also saw the same thing while reading through the ISPConfig3 manual. Is this anything I should be worried about?

    For hostname let's say I registered, would I put in this field or could I just put anything I want in this field?

    Lastly I am unsure as to what I should set for the nameservers. My problem is is that I don't exactly know where to obtain these IPs. Do I find them through my router or do I get them from my nameserver provider which is

    Thanks for the help
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You must use a free IP address from your local network. So let's assume your router has the local IP address, then you should pick a free IP from the 192.168.23.x subnet (e.g. and /24 is the same. is good.

    You can use the nameservers from the tutorial - these are working nameservers.
  3. briand0713

    briand0713 New Member

    thanks Falko
  4. aurel81

    aurel81 New Member

    Hey, thx for the great tutorial... i have Problems in Step 12.
    I am using german language.

    [email protected]:~# apt-get install postfix postfix-mysql postfix-doc mysql-client mysql-server courier-authdaemon courier-authlib-mysql courier-pop courier-pop-ssl courier-imap courier-imap-ssl libsasl2-2 libsasl2-modules libsasl2-modules-sql sasl2-bin libpam-mysql openssl getmail4 rkhunter binutils maildrop

    Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig
    Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut
    Statusinformationen werden eingelesen... Fertig

    E: Paket courier-authdaemon kann nicht gefunden werden
    E: Paket courier-authlib-mysql kann nicht gefunden werden
    E: Paket courier-pop kann nicht gefunden werden
    E: Paket courier-pop-ssl kann nicht gefunden werden
    E: Paket courier-imap kann nicht gefunden werden
    E: Paket courier-imap-ssl kann nicht gefunden werden
    E: Paket libpam-mysql kann nicht gefunden werden
    E: Paket getmail4 kann nicht gefunden werden
    E: Paket rkhunter kann nicht gefunden werden
    E: Paket maildrop kann nicht gefunden werden

    All those packages cannot be found ... or unable to locate, dont know which expression is used in the english one.

    but i used the Desktop version for the basic install, hopefully this isnt the or a problem.
  5. aurel81

    aurel81 New Member

    aah ok :) finally i solved the problem.

    i started installing some apps manually until i found the solution in the sources.list. i misunderstood the howto and disabled all universe and multiverse XD

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