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    I'd like some advices about how to partition and configure correctly a Centos 5.6 64 bits that will be used as dedicated MySQL database server (NOTE: all my databases and tables use innodb. There are currently about 200Gb of database. There will be more soon).

    My situation :

    - Im using ESXI 4.1 with a cluster of 2 hosts with HA and DRS activated. I'm equiped with a redundant storage ( 2x1.2To SAS so there's no problem with the hardware).
    - For obvious reasons, I'm not using vmware fault tolerance (a single vcpu...zeroed vmdk...).

    Since the hardware is fully redundant, the new point of failure is the software.

    My goal is to setup a VM farm so that in case of general_fuck_up of a daemon, a service or anything related to the software (in other words, if my OS fails someway), I could ->quickly<- restore the service...

    Here are the clues I had to do so :

    - Create a VM equiped with 2 vmdk : the first one, a 10GB vmdk, used by the system, and another one, let's say 1TB mounted on /var so that mysql data is in another vmdk... this vmdk could be added on a new VM and mounted on a brand new system in case of OS failure to restore data...but that would break the new installation because /var contains a lot of other things, I think this idea is nub but it was thinking about in while driving...)

    - (Almost the same as previous ) Create a VM equiped with 2 vmdk : the first one, a 10GB vmdk, used by the whole system, and the second vmdk of 1TB, mounted on /azerty for example. Then I reconfigure MySQL so the data directory points to /azerty...So if the OS breaks, I can mount this 2nd vmdk on a brand new VM && system (actually, a clone of the initial VM just after my setup is done). So mounting it won't break the new OS...But InnoDB needs more than plain database files....I can't backup InnoDB just by "copy/paste" the files, so would it work this way ?

    - Create 2 VM equiped each with a 10GB vmdk for the whole system, setup as a MySQL cluster, both sharing a "single" vmdk of 1TB (so the files are stored once, on this single huge vmdk...). But the question is : is it possible ? 2 servers sharing the same data...what about locks ? What about permissions ? What about possible corruptions ? Can a MySQL cluster share the same vmdk with the same data ?

    Thanks for reading me !
    Thanks for people who will help me !
    Sorry for the engrish: I'm french

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