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    Hello All (and mostly Till),

    Thanks. Great stuff. Hope to rapidly climb the learning curve.

    After following exacly the tutorial, all is well including squirrelmail. Created web domain, web page, works great. Then, tried accessing squirrelmail (i.e. and got 404 error. So, found a work around. Added this directive to the domain.

    Redirect /webmail

    Ok, that works great too. But, would prefer to not redirect from to

    The following directives would seem to work, and they do for squirrelmail. But, with these directives the webpage for seems to be disabled and instead points to

    Alias /webmail /www/var/webmail/
    <Directory /var/www/webmail/>
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

    Funny, when I disable the virtual webpage through ISPConfig, works great again.

    So, I'm puzzeled as to why these Alias and Directory directives would disable my virtual webpage, and why I cannot easily have both and play nice together.

    Probably my ignorance regarding Apache and Directives, but thought I ask here dor some guidance.

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