Pb configuring Postfix for Virtual Users (with MySQL)

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    [Solved] Pb configuring Postfix for Virtual Users (with MySQL)

    Hi all,

    I know i've posted previously on this topic, but the error i get now is totally different. Every time i try to send a mail to a user on my server, i get the following error message :

    postfix/virtual[21796]: B24CF64C1DC: to=<[email protected]>, relay=virtual, delay=0, status=deferred (maildir delivery failed: create /home/vmail/nc-hebergement.com/nc-hebergement/tmp/1155078708.P21796.localhost.nc-hebergement.com: Permission denied)
    postfix/virtual[21796]: warning: maildir access problem for UID/GID=5000/5000: create /home/vmail/nc-hebergement.com/nc-hebergement/tmp/1155078708.P21796.localhost.nc-hebergement.com: Permission denied
    postfix/virtual[21796]: warning: perhaps you need to create the maildirs in advance
    Have i set the wrong permissions on the user/group? I followed the tutorial.. :eek:
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    Fixed pb, error login in now..

    I fixed the pb for the permissions, i'm receiving email for the domains now, however i can't login into any accounts for some reason!! :confused:
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    Pb solved

    Pb solved, as usual, it was a typo in authsqlrc that made the whole thing screw up.. Thanx for the tutorial, it works under Ubuntu 6.0.6 LTS Dapper!!

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