Passwort vs. password and a lot of id's

Discussion in 'General' started by mrtnzlml, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Hi. I am trying to implement ISPConfig into website using Remote API. But I am really confused. There is a lot of ID's. What is difference between "userid", "client_id", "sys_userid" and "sys_groupid"?

    There is one more question. Function "client_get" returns array with the key "passwort", but function "client_get_by _username" returns array with the key "password". What is the difference between "passwort" and "password". It's the same thing?
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  2. till

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    The function "client_get_by _username" is deprecated and will be removed, so dont use it for new projects. Use the client_get function instead. If you want to get a client by username, the correct syntax is:

    $client_record = $client->client_get($session_id, array('username' => 'myuser'));

    The only relevant ID when using the API is the client_id. The other id's are internal ID's from ispconfig to manage the permissions of the records.
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    Thank you for answer. Where can I find another informations? I have ISPConfig manual. There is a lot of informations, but there is few informations about Remote API. I am trying to find description of functions and their return values...

  4. till

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    The remote api documentation is part of the ispconfig tar.gz. You find it in the remoting_client directory.

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