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  1. bürzel

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    I want to install an Apache server in Debian 3.1.

    I've got an Computer with 20 GB; 512 MB RAM for this Server. My question now
    is which partitions I should make (var,tmp...). I want to connect 4 other computers to this server and the internet.


  2. sjau

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    Hell Silke

    I generally recommend such a setup:

    (1) SWAP Partition "Type Swap" --> twice the size of your ram --> 1 GB
    (2) Root Partition "Type Ext3, Mounting Point '/'" --> Since this is going to be a server probably up to max. 5 GBs for kernel, tmp folder, programs, mysql dbs et al.
    (3) Apache Root "Type Ext3, default mounting point '/var/www' --> all the rest... it's the partition where you then would store all the webrelevant data as images, videos, html/php scripts, .... You can alter the default mounting point but it should be - imho - where you define your apache root to be...

    Of course - according to your needs - you can all alter that... in this setup you would have like a 14gb partition for webstuff... maybe you don't need that much...

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