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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by satimis, Jul 25, 2007.

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    Hi folks,

    CPU - AMD Athlon64 X2 3800
    RAM - 2G 6400 dual channel
    HD - 160G
    Ubuntu 7.04 server amd64 (LAMP)

    I'm building a Virtual Machine with Ubuntu as host OS. I shall run Slackware-i386 and OpenBSD4.1-amd64 as guess OS

    Following Guide Partition finally it came to;
    LVM   VG  Ubuntu  LV root - 153.5  Linux device-mapper
              #1   153.5 GB   f  ext3   /
    LVM   VG  Ubuntu  LV swap_1  6.3G  Linux device-mapper
              #1    6.3GB     f   swap   swap
    SCSI2   (0,0,0)  (sda)  -  160.0GB  ATA  maxtor  6V160E0
              #1   Primary   255.0 MB   B   F   ext3   /boot
              #5   Logical    159.8 GB   k   lvm
    Please help me to understand:-
    1) What is #1? Is it partition-1?

    2) What is #5? Is it partition-5? Then where are partition-2/3/4?

    3) Why it needs 6.3GB as swap. RAM size is only 2G.

    In order to reserve space on the HD for the guest OSs, I deleted;
    #1   153.5 GB   f  ext3   /
    and recreated it
    #1   40GB   f  ext3  /
    leaving 113.5GB space unusable. Can I use this space for installing the guest OS, Slackware-i386 and OpenBSD4.1-amd64?

    Now Ubuntu 7.04 server (LAMP) is running but without X and DNS installed.

    I'm prepared to install virtualbox as virtualizer but can't find it with;
    $ sudo apt-cache show/showpkg vituralbox

    Nor vmware-server. I found qemu and bochs. Which repo I have to enable?

    # fdisk -l
    Device        Boot   Start     End      Blocks      Id   System
    /dev/sda1     *         1      31        248976     83   Linux
    /dev/sda2              32      19457   156039345     5   Extended
    /dev/sda5              32      19457   156039313+   8e   Linux LVM
    Please advise. TIA


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