Partitioning 2 Hard Drives

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    Hi. I am attempting my first server setup, but am confused as to how I should make use of my existing Hard Drives in the partitioning scheme. This will not be a production server, but is mainly something for me to play with and learn about linux. I have 2 EIDE Hard Drives each being around 15GB or so. This server I am attempting to make a complete and comprehensive server (WEB,FTP,MAIL,DNS,ETC) How would I go about doing this barring the use of RAID configurations... I want the total appx 30Gigs to be usable for the server, but also I want the partitioning to be similar as it would be on a live server so that if I want to in the future I can create a similar setup for others around here and maybe even at my work! Thanks for all the help.

    EDIT: The preferred distribution that I will be using is Debian Etch netinstall CD.
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