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    I have made an upgrade from debian 5 to 6, and my partition / seems to be full each time more after each backup.

    My backup are done from /home to my external usb-hd.
    the trouble occured when the power supply of the usb-hd was accidentally pull off.

    At the present time, i don't manage to recover the free space of sda1.

    FSTAB :

    Whit du -s * | sort -nr | head

    If you have any idea, your welcome ;)


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    If you backup data to the mountpoint of a usb drive while the usb drive is not connected or working, then the backup is stored in the filesystem of the server instead.

    To clean up your harddrive, make sure that the usb drive is not connected, then go to the directory where you store the backups. You should see there all backups now that where stored on the local disk instead of the USB drive. Delete these backup files and directories now. You should then have your free space back. Now turn on the usb deive again.
  3. DreamK

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    Command line to locate bif folder

    It s was some error to solve


    Have a nice week end ;)
  4. DreamK

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    Hi Till

    Thanks for your reply. I will change the backup process with a Synology DS 207+.

    Seems to be right :)

    Have a nice week end ,


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