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  1. linutzy

    linutzy New Member

    I decided to stick as close to the intall as possible and changed what my hostname was manually, to what is listed at as (server1)

    Made the changes using vi in:
    /etc/hosts using

    then ran

    echo > /etc/hostname
    /bin/hostname -F /etc/hostname

    Made the changes in postfix also.

    Now I'm installeing 2.0.8 of ispconfig. Is there anything else that I should be checking?
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff HowtoForge Supporter ISPConfig Developer

    No. Just follow the howto's, they are written and tested for ISPConfig.
  3. hyperclock

    hyperclock New Member

    I did this abit different because of renting a dedicated server.

    I used the dedicated servers name that was assigned by my provider, after everything was installed & i made myself to resseller & added my domain.

    people get to my site place thier orders & then they get the needed info after i reg them in ISPConfig.

    this way i don't waste money for a xtra domain. ;)

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