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    Hi everybody,
    I'm currently writing a program to exchange packet between two machines via multiple connection between them. The main scenario is I have two machines: Mobile Host (MH) and Home Agent machine (HA). The MH has several interfaces so it can simultaneously connect to the HA via multiple links. Each application on MH initiates a TCP connection to HA so we have a address/port pair of this end-to-end connection. But I wish the HA can send packets to MH via different connections using tunnel mechanism.
    Suppose that MH uses address for above TCP connection. So we receive a packet on interface with destination address of outer header of the packet (header of the tunnel - IP in IP packet), then we decapsulate the IP-in-IP packet to get the original packet with the destination address is To send this packet to the application on upper layer, we must to put it on the interface => HOW can I do it?

    Many thanks and kind regards!

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