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    Internet WAN: Fixed IP
    Modem/Router/Accesspoint LAN/DHCP/NAT*
    Static IP
    Portforwarding: --> TCP 20,21,22,25,53,80,110,143,443,993,995,3306,8080,8081,10000
    --> UDP 53,3306

    Ubuntu Server 10.04 (eth0 Static IP)
    ISPConfig 3 v.
    "Single Server Setup - DNS, WWW, Mail, SQL"
    Own Primary Nameserver: ns1.mydomain.dk (will host own domain mydomain.dk)

    Tutorial: "http://www.howtoforge.com/ispconfig_dns_providerdomain_schlund"

    I hope someone will help me with this major issue:


    1. When having own primary nameserver and using ISPConfig 3 - and forllowing this tutorial, which IP-number is it for the glue-record "ns1"? Is it the fixed IP/public IP or is it the local IP number for the server? ( In the tutorial the example used is a public IP-number.

    2. My Primary Nameserver is of course "approved" by the "Danish Top Level Domain Provider" DK-Hostmaster.dk and in the settings for the Nameserver there is a Glue-record pointing to "myfixedipnumber"(WAN) - But according to the tutorial the Glue-record is created in the Nameserver (text from tutorial):

    "... Because ns1.hits4all.de will host the DNS records of its own domain, hits4all.de, we will have to create a glue record to avoid the hen <-> egg problem.

    So which one is the right one? Or is both needed?

    The reason to these questions is, that I am having some real problems getting my ISPconfig to work. I have been working day and night for a week now. Today I read the 373 pages ISPconfig 3 Manual from beginning to end - this gave me a list of things to try and to ask you guys ;)
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    Looking forward to any kind of response :eek:

    Kind Regards,

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