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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by jmroth, Feb 14, 2008.

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    First, thanks for the "global website statistics user" add-on. Up to now I had to hack the template for that.

    This however gave me an idea for a feature that might be useful: a global "Statistics" page in ISPConfig. I wouldn't want to check each individual web for the current web/ftp/mail traffic usage. So one page with a global overview might be cool.

    Maybe also a page that just shows the people who are over traffic. In the moment I am using phpmyadmin to simply give me some insight into what is happening on my server with this query

    SELECT *, (bytes_web +bytes_ftp +bytes_mail)/(1024*1024) FROM isp_traffic WHERE (bytes_web +bytes_ftp +bytes_mail)/(1024*1024) > 1500 ORDER BY jahr DESC, monat DESC, (bytes_web +bytes_ftp +bytes_mail)/(1024*1024)  DESC 
    (In there I am of course not considering the actual traffic limit set for the user but the static amount of 1.5G.)

    So since this is no fixed proposol (I am not quite sure myself what it should look like), anyone is welcome to use this thread to discuss ;-)

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