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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by cfoe, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. cfoe

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    HI guys,

    does anyone have access to a cPanel/WHM control-panel?
    I know that it provides the email user with files to autoconfig outlook and thunderbird.

    Could anyone please post one example file. I would like to implement the same feature to the mailuser module but there is no good reference on the net to find.

  2. Horfic

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  3. fbartels

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    You can use prf files for automatic profile creation for Outlook. You can read about this on this page (sorry german only, but provides automatic translations):
  4. cfoe

    cfoe ISPConfig Developer


    but the article is about config files for the rollout of an Exchange Server Environment
  5. fbartels

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  6. cfoe

    cfoe ISPConfig Developer

    these two sources will definitely be sufficient.
  7. cfoe

    cfoe ISPConfig Developer

    Is there any other E-Mail-client which has a significant marketshare?
    If there is I dont know it. If there is tell me! ;)
  8. Croydon

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    Yes it is, but I hate this one: incredimail

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