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  1. I was reading page 263 of the manual but it did not solve my problem.
    I would like all customers, websites, to be visible to all administrators and resellers.
    I marked resellers as an admin group but I can only see clients and not their websites, this being logged in as a reseller.

    I checked that I would have to check every customer created for all users (admin and reseller) for everyone to see. This is correct ?
  2. till

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    An administrator can see and edit all websites, clients etc. on the server.
    A reseller can see his own clients and the websites of his clients.

    Really bad idea, as described at the top of the user list page, I'll cite it "WARNING: Do not edit or modify any user settings here. Use the Client- and Reseller settings in the Client module instead. Modifying or changing Users or groups here may cause data loss!"
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  3. I'm just testing it out yet. It is not in production. For me the resale user will be for the service sector than our own company and I believe there will be only three users.
  4. So what if I create an admin user with modules only for clients, sites and tools ?
    I believe that initially it solves, I just don't know if there are problems related to the system or any security breach.
  5. till

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    An admin is a user which has all permissions. if you would give the same person your server root password, then this is fine. if you won't give that person the root password, then don't create an admin user for her/him.
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  6. Thanks for the clarification.

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