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    Now I have a default server running with OpenSuse 11.4 installed on it and apache2/php and MySQL running on it. All installed with the tutorial on this site. Everything is working perfect and I can open the index.htm page from the other computers by entering http://computername in the browser.

    Now i'm running to a new problem, I have created a new folder named website in the /srv/www/htdocs/ folder and when I enter http://computername/website I get the error "object not found".

    In what config file do I have to change settings so that it will work? Because I also have phpmyadmin installed and after the install a folder is placed under the htdocs and when I enter http://computername/phpMyAdmin I can manage my sql databases.

    Can somebody explain me what things I need to change so that http://www.computername/website will work?
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    Might be a permissions problem. Can you post the output of
    ls -la /srv/www/htdocs/

    Is there an index page in the website folder, or is the folder empty?

    Also, did you check Apache's error log?

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