OpenLDAP+Samba+Ubuntu; Skeleton problems?

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    As i said on another post, I have configured successfully a few servers with this tutorial. All 8.04 server installs have come out well. It all was going well with Ubuntu 8.04 clients too, but I ran into a hiccup with Ubuntu 8.10 clients.

    In Ubuntu 8.04 desktop, when an LDAP user logged in for the first time, the home directory was created, populated, and the right permissions given, all automatically.

    In 8.10 this is no longer the case. Ubuntu desktop would start complaining about lots of stuff, and I had to create the home folder manually, and give it the right permissions. This was OK on the company that I installed it on, which had 5 workstations, but do you imagine me doing this on a company with 100+ workstations? Impossible.

    Is there any way of specifying a skeleton (some "skel" file?) and have it run for new users automatically on 8.10? How does this work in 9.04?

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    Well, seems like I can auto-reply and auto-solve this question.

    PAM will need to be instructed to create the homedir at first login. I have added the following to /etc/pam.d/common-account:

    # This is required to create the HomeDir at first login
    # automatically and without asking for confirmation
    session required umask=0022 skel=/etc/skel/ silent

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