OpenLDAP + Samba Domain on Ubuntu 7.10

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    i clicked on your link to the howto, but the page couldnot be found. any ways it looks like you are missing the samba admin account in your ldap directory. if you post a new link then i can look at the how to and see where you may have missed something
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    When I log onto the XP machine I ALWAYS get 2 errors with regards to roaming profiles... The XP machine then creates a new temporary profile each time the user logs in. Which is slow...

    Error Message 1
    The part about the network name cannot be found is concerning... So I pinged dc01-ubuntu and it worked however when I ping dc01-ubuntu.example.local it doesn't work...

    Error Message 2
    The allusers.bat script seems to run however I had to change any instances of \\dc01-ubuntu.example.local to \\dc01-ubuntu.

    I don't want roaming profiles, but I also don't want error messages each time I log in. And I need those scripts to run.. Any suggestions?

    I'm following this updated tutorial..

    Here is a link to the Virtual Machine I've created to try to get this working.. You might have to change the static IP address etc to make this work for you? Let me know if you've solved my problem and how. I created this using VMWare Fusion for Mac but I assume it should run in the VMWare player for any other OS..

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    I've solved the problem! In the samba.conf file i had

    "login path =" instead of "logon path ="

    No more errors while logging into windows! Now I'm going to figure out how to write a login script to do exactly what I need!
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    OpenLDAP + Samba Domain with OS X Client?

    Hello, does anyone know how I can get an OS X 10.5 client to authenticate with this particular setup? I have my windows machines working very well.. However it would be nice to have the server handle the user authentication for the Mac as well...
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    Is there any solution for this issue ?? I also have the same problem.
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    I ended up starting over and it worked... The server has been up and running for the past 4 weeks now with a full load of students logging on and off all day... I havn't had any issues! Good luck with it!

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