OpenLDAP Instead Of Oracle Internet Directory

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    I need to use OpenLDAP instead of OID (Oracle Internet Directory).
    I have the ldif file with all the users, groups and DIT from OID, but there are many attributes (like orclpassword
    orclisenabled ) that are not compatible with OpenLDAP, some of them were recognized adding the oracle schemas in the slapd.conf of OpenLDAP, but it's not enough.

    I'm triyng to add something like this...

    dn: cn=transmissions,cn=Users,dc=prueba,dc=com
    userpassword: ******
    uid: transmisions
    sn: admon transmissions
    orclpassword: {x- orcldbpwd}1.0:A743481943433DAhg833
    orclisenabled: ENABLED
    orclactivestartdate: 20051301000000c
    objectclass: inetorgperson
    objectclass: orcluser
    objectclass: organizationalperson
    objectclass: person
    objectclass: top
    But It throw me errors...

    ldapadd: Undefined attribute type (17)
    additional info: orclpassword: attribute type undefined

    Please, Could somebody give me an idea or information about how can I load an OID ldif file to OpenLDAP?
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